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Medium and Spiritual Healer

Eric is a practicing Medium and Spiritual Healer, currently living in Palm Springs, California. He was born and raised in Guilford, Connecticut in a big Italian family where many of his own relatives share similar spiritual gifts. His gifts first surfaced at a very young age when spirits would visit his bedside and ask to tell him their stories. As his gifts grew stronger, he began seeing and sensing Spirit, which began to scare him; and at a young age he decided to block Spirit energies from entering his “space.” It wasn’t until 2005, after his father’s passing, that he chose to accept his gifts and channel Spirit. Opening up to the spirit world allowed him to turn his own pain into the opportunity to help others. As a self-taught healer, Eric is guided by his Angels and communicates with Spirit though white light and often times, though a colorful tunnel. Eric also uses his gifts in Life Coaching, where he channels Spirit to help people overcome day-to-day struggles.

Eric practices his gifts mainly during “in person” and phone readings.  FaceTime, Skype, and other virtual sessions are available for your private session.

Eric is also a media personality and host, with credits including his own show on Blog Talk Radio called “Talk With Turcio.” You can listen to his broadcasts online ( Eric also hosts his very own LIVE Facebook show, where viewers tune in for spiritual guidance. If you are on Facebook, search for “Eric Catania-Turcio” to watch him LIVE or click on this link:  Angel Messages Live on Facebook . On his weekday show, Eric reads for his Facebook followers and channels daily spiritual guidance.

Eric Catania-Turcio was a Professional Ballroom Dancer for 20 years and retired to fully honor his spiritual gifts. Eric also worked in Television as a News Anchor and Reporter around the United States. When Eric is not channeling spirit, he enjoys taking his own ballroom dancing lessons, exercising, relaxing in the the Palm Springs sunshine, reading, and aiding in charity work. Eric’s greatest passion is assisting his clients to find peace in their lives, and to make a connection to their loves ones again.

If you’re interested in a reading please, email him for an appointment, or call (760) 459-7756.

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