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Old Saybrook – Oct. 14, 2018

Please Note: Please contact Eric prior to purchasing an “in-person” session. Eric is only available in-person when traveling to his events across the Country. In-person time slots are extremely limited. If you purchase a session prior to contacting Eric, you will receive the next available appointment time (which could be a phone or video session). There is no guarantee you will be able to experience an “in-person” session with Eric, if the time is not appropriately coordinated. There are no refunds for any service. We recommend you contact Eric prior to purchasing your session. Phone and video sessions are available by appointment only. To schedule your session, please view the contact information.

Angel Messages By Eric Turcio Presents: Messages from Heaven

Date:  October 14, 2018

Who:   Eric Turcio, Medium

What:  A spiritual guidance and group reading event. Channeling your angels and loved ones in Heaven

Where: Old Saybrook Quality Inn Hotel 100 Essex Rd – Old Saybrook, CT

Cost. $52.75 per person

Doors open at noon.
Seats are limited to 40 people for this event. We cannot make any exceptions. (Tickets sell quickly and it’s “First come, first serve” basis!)
More about the Group Reading:

Eric will channel your loved ones who have passed on to The Light. While channeling at these events, Eric will deliver healing messages your loved ones want to communicate. Eric will bring up events happening in your current life and what Spirit is saying about your future, too.
“Angel Messages by Eric” group readings are created to support and spiritually guide all who attend. The messages you receive are meant for “you” to interpret —based on your own life situation. Often times, Eric channels your Spirit Guides who will show what is ahead in your future.

It’s unlikely everyone will receive a message. Eric does allow his audience to directly ask him questions, if someone (a particular loved one) has not channeled through during the session. Everyone walks away from these events with something from Spirit.

Eric Turcio is a nationally recognized Medium. He’s been featured in spiritual documentaries about The After Life in both the U.S. and South America.

Eric Turcio travels nationally to deliver his angel messages. Eric is a well-known TV-Social Media Personality. Eric Turcio also hosts, “Angel Messages LIVE” on his Facebook page. This show is Eric’s way of giving back to the Universe and delivers messages from Spirit to his viewers.

It’s best to attend with an open mind and heart. We all want to sense our loved ones, who we miss. Our mindset is how they can communicate. Entering this event with doubt, will only hold your angels back from communicating to Eric.

You may bring objects that represent your loved ones and pictures. Bring what you need to feel comfortable.

Eric has a limit on public group events at “this” venue. The reason for his seating limit is so Eric can maximize his spiritual energy for all in attendance.

***When purchasing your tickets off the website, please try to use a larger technical device, i.e. laptop, iPad, or desktop. Most mobile devices do not always show all the purchasing options. Although, some clients are able to buy tickets off their mobile devices, it varies on the telecommunications provider.

***You do not need a PayPal account to purchase your tickets. Scroll down to the bottom of your screen and look for the option to pay using a debit or CC.
We do not accept cash at the door or checks on that day.

***Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for any other service or future event. Please read the purchasing disclaimer.

Purchase your ticket to The Light and get ready to hear from your loved ones in Heaven.


Directions for purchasing one or more tickets.

  • First, click on the arrow below to select the number of tickets you want to purchase and then click on the Buy Now button.
  • You will be billed $52.75 for each ticket you purchase.  For example,
    • if you select 1 ticket, you will be billed $52.75.
    • if you select 2 tickets, you will be billed $105.50.
    • if you select 5 tickets, you will be billed  $158.25, etc.