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Eric Turcio

Medium and Spiritual Healer

About Eric

Energy Readings, Private Events, & Life Coaching

Eric is a practicing Medium and Spiritual Healer, currently living in Palm Springs, California. He was born and raised in Guilford, Connecticut in a big Italian family where many of his own relatives share similar spiritual gifts. His gifts first surfaced at a very young age when spirits would visit his bedside and ask to tell him their stories. As his gifts grew stronger, he began seeing and sensing Spirit, which began to scare him; and at a young age he decided to block Spirit energies from entering his “space.” It wasn’t until 2005, after his father’s passing, that he chose to accept his gifts and channel Spirit. Opening up to the spirit world allowed him to turn his own pain into the opportunity to help others. As a self-taught healer, Eric is guided by his Angels and communicates with Spirit though white light and often times, though a colorful tunnel. Eric also uses his gifts in Life Coaching, where he channels Spirit to help people overcome day-to-day struggles.

 Catch Eric’s show, “ANGEL MESSAGES LIVE” via his Facebook page.  Add him as your friend and receive weekly spiritual guidance from your Angels LIVE on his show.”  

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Please note: Please contact Eric prior to purchasing an “in-person” session. Eric is only available in-person when traveling to his events across the Country. In-person time slots are extremely limited. If you purchase a session prior to contacting Eric, you will receive the next available appointment time (which could be a phone or video session). There is no guarantee you will be able to experience an “in-person” session with Eric, if the time is not appropriately coordinated. There are no refunds for any service. We recommend you contact Eric prior to purchasing your session. Phone and video sessions are available by appointment only. To schedule your session, please view the contact information


Learn more about Eric and read the testimonials from his clients.

I can’t thank Eric enough for his insight and support.  When I came to Eric for a reading II was facing some difficult losses and needed spiritual confirmation things would be alright. I turned to Eric for a connection and was so impressed with his abilities and talents. He eased my sadness by reaching out to my beloved dog that had passed unexpectedly. During the reading, Eric also connected with my grandmother and other family members assuring me first that my dog was ok and that I was surrounded by spiritual guides who would help me through the challenges I was dealing with.  Eric’s messages were clear and on point.  The things he told me made perfect sense, things he would have never known, but only through his ability to connect with the spiritual world.  Thank you Eric for sharing your talents.  I am impressed and grateful to know you and call you a friend. 

Sara W.

Los Angeles

“Eric is a wonderfully kind and empathic person, and an incredible healer.

I’ve had several sessions with Eric and each and every time everything he has said has been 150% accurate. During my first session, I was between jobs and very unsure of the future. Eric told me I would get my dream job in the next few months, where I would meet kind, like-minded people. Sure enough, several months later I landed my ultimate dream job!! I couldn’t be happier. During the transitional period, however, Eric’s words were amazingly comforting. 

Eric also called upon my loved ones, like my grandmother. It was so wonderful to know that she is by my side always, and watching over my family as well. 

Not only are Eric’s readings highly healing and accurate, he is also an extremely caring and compassionate person. During one reading, I was worried about a medical related issue. Eric was so sweet, and asked me to write to him after visiting the doctor and let him know how things went. I can’t tell you how much this meant to me.

 I highly, highly suggest a reading with Eric. The comfort, love, and spiritual healing I feet during Eric’s messages are amazing. Eric is an absolute angel and I am so blessed to talk to him!!” 


Alexa H.

Boston, MA

Eric and I met at a dinner party—delicious food prepared by our mutual friend and multiple conversations crisscrossing the table. The hostess offhandedly mentioned she’d just finished reading my novel and loved it. I thanked her, and asked for her input on the title.

Suddenly, everyone at the dinner table started throwing out titles. I explained, The Other Side of Marriage captured the essence of the novel since that is where dreams implode and no one is who he seems. The hostess, who was going through a divorce suggested, A Wife No More. We proceeded to make a list of additional titles.

Then the eerie for me and normal for Eric occurred. At that point he had not yet read my novel, and we’d only briefly met that evening. Eric suggested and then insisted on the title, Sex Happens. I was shocked—that was a line in the novel. It was the gut-punch moment when everything and everyone in the main character’s life changed. After the main character’s husband confesses his infidelity, he explains. “Sex just happened.” Eric’s gift was clear.

Years of friendship with Eric followed and continue. And, while I value his love and support, I also respect his uncanny ability to read, predict, and advise.

Dr. Carol Soloway

Irvine, CA

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